The Bible Cross® is an exciting indoor line to represent Christ’s love and compassion for us, serving as a beautiful and unique reminder. Intended to accompany your Bible, the Bible Cross® gives you a sense of comfort and warmth when held. The cross can also be a great standalone piece for intimate display in the home or capable of being a conversational centerpiece. At a very reasonable price and with personalization, it also makes a fantastic and heartfelt gift for nearly any occasion. Every base version of the Bible Cross® can be personalized (hand stamped) on the back of the cross into the wood.

Bible Cross® Design

The Bible Cross® was designed specifically with an ergonomic shape so the cross fits easily in your hand. This fully dimensional cross beautifully displays the wood grain while maintaining cross proportions. Rounded to a flare at the ends of the cross creates flowing lines and a shape reminiscent of a new age celtic cross. Our primary designs include three classic American heartwoods – Walnut, Cherry, and Maple. These three woods can combine to create very elegant contrasting combinations. It is sanded to a high grit with rounded edges for a smooth finish. It can stand on its own, on its side or rest flat.


The centerpiece of the cross is our signature carved heart, where you can chose either a kind or loving heart. Each heart is hand carved to give a dimensional depth to the heart. The wood is hand selected to accentuate the natural highlights within the wood.