Bible Cross® Symbolism

The Bible Cross® represents Christ’s love and compassion for us, serving as a beautiful and unique reminder. Intended to accompany your Bible and to be hand held, the Bible Cross® gives you a sense of comfort and peace when held. The Bible Cross® can also be a great standalone piece on the wall for any display in the home and will definitely be a conversational centerpiece. It also makes a beautiful, heartfelt gift for any occasion. Each Bible Cross® is distinct, handmade, hand carved, unique work of art and respectfully bold. Every home should have some kind of sacred art in it -- a Bible Cross® can add richness to your family's days and devotional prayer time.

The Bible Cross® is very symbolic. It begins with the simplicity of the leather at the bottom which represents the leather sandals worn by our Savior Jesus Christ. The bottom of the Bible Cross® is rounded to represent the simplicity of the robe, and it transitions to a chamfered upper part of the cross representing the glory of resurrection. The side cross arms represent the welcoming hands and arms of Jesus. The top of the Bible Cross® is finished in a crown of thorns as a reminder of Jesus' sacrifice for us. Finally, and most important, the heart is to remind us of Jesus' love for us.

Bible Cross® Design

The Bible Cross® was designed specifically with an ergonomic shape so the cross fits easily in your hand. This fully dimensional cross beautifully displays the wood grain while maintaining cross proportions. Our primary designs include three classic American heartwoods – Walnut, Cherry, and Maple. These woods can combine to create very elegant contrasting combinations. We also use other woods for the cross and hearts such as Hickory, Wenge, Sapele, Purpleheart, Zebrawood, Oak, Jatoba, Madrone, Lacewood, and Bubinga to add variety and special looks. Each Bible Cross® is sanded to a high grit with rounded edges for a smooth finish. The Bible Cross® has a hole on the back so it can be hung on the wall with the included simple wall hanger, or it can stand on its own on any flat surface.

For the finish on the Bible Cross®, we us organic, sustainable rosewood oil. We hand rub with multiple coats. It is child safe. The finish won't peel or flake. It will get better the more you hold it. The bottom of the Bible Cross® contains organic, vegetable tan saddle leather. It is stamped with our Bible Cross® logo, and is attached with organic food grade glue.

We adopt our 23 step build process on every cross. Our unique and original design includes multiple angles, flats, rounds and transfers giving exposure to all of the wood's beauty. 100% American handcrafted.


The centerpiece of the cross is our signature carved wooden loving heart or a forged copper heart. Each heart is hand carved or forged to give a dimensional depth to the heart. The wood is hand selected to accentuate the natural highlights within the wood. The copper heart is a hand forged, hand carved and hand hammered solid 99.9% pure copper 3 oz. The copper hearts are flame forged, all natural, and all organic patinas. We never use any chemical patinas. Every patina heart is unique!

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