“Simply put, we are passionate about making crosses! At Believe Cross®, we heavily invest in each and every cross to deliver quality work to our customers. We know that each cross takes time to make. We accept that and do not rush the process or cut any corners. Each cross we build is art, not production, and we intend to keep it that way. As such we do not keep a large inventory of crosses and strive to keep the types we create alive and actively designed and always improved. We want to give the customer the best that we can create for their needs.

To accomplish these goals, especially for personally customized projects, we will work with you to create crosses that will forever maintain a personal connection with you, the owner. By maintaining a responsive attitude, we hope to bring you the best piece of art to display your faith. From the design process to the end, we have fun and feel good about making crosses and do hope they will spread our faith and encourage meaningful conversation.

In the end, we hope your Believe Cross® can be as important to you as it is to us.”

God Bless!




All in the Family


Tim Nunes

Founder and Artisan


Debbie Nunes

Business and Admin


Josh Nunes

Founder, Artisan, Media and Web