Design and Build Your Own Outdoor Redwood Cross

We want to be a part of a movement to display faith in our community.

Faith is a personal journey! And we believe your cross should have personal meaning to you too. That is why we give you the ability to customize any of our outdoor crosses. You can expect a cross that will be truly one-of-a-kind and unique. We take joy in being able to custom build an outdoor cross that will represent you!

We have created a design and build process with our outdoor line that integrates similar designs and aesthetic outcomes. But each cross remains completely unique through our extensive handcarving method, yielding a cross with slight yet varying line, grain, and dimension differences. Every cross and holder goes through a multistage sanding process resulting in a smooth high grit finish, raising the grains for a pleasant look, feel, and touch. What results is a piece of redwood art ready for an impactful presentation in every environment.


Designing and Ordering

Each one of our outdoor crosses were intended to be a personal fit to you.  For these larger crosses and custom holders, we ask that you reach out to us concerning personalization.  Our Etsy shop has our most popular versions of outdoor crosses that are made to order for you.  Our two types of our outdoor cross collection can be seen below.



33" Outdoor Crosses

33in tall and 22in wide – Smallest outdoor cross yet still appropriately sized to fit almost any area of your yard