Believe Cross® tries to blend elegant design with quality to last the test of time and deliver reverence for the form of the cross. Our team members design all of our crosses. This makes each cross very personal to us and also allows the artisan to see their design through to completion and fully express his intentions in the cross. From indoor crucifixes to our signature SweetHeart Cross®, each cross and holder was designed and sculpted with meaning and purpose. You will see a number of themes that run through our work, and more themes are being created from inspiration in the scripture and in our daily lives. One theme we design from incorporates a rustic or natural feel, incorporating twisting limbs, a live edge, or some other beauty in nature. All of the materials we incorporate in our design mix functionality with beauty. We consider ourselves perpetual students of cross building, studying crosses from around the world, especially in our travels to European centers of Christianity. However, as artisans, we embrace creativity, out of the box design, and problem solving which we have applied to our cross building. After several attempts at tinkering tinkering and trying new ideas, we have created many innovative solutions in our design and process that make our crosses what they are today. We continually strive to incorporate new ideas, constantly improving our concepts, processes, and ultimately our art.

Our Standards

From Our Vision page, every Believe Cross® is designed to be …

  • Reverent towards the traditional form of the cross

  • Made from wood, as stated in scripture

  • Fully dimensional, sculpted on all sides

  • Handmade, crafted in our workshop

  • Able to last for generations, an heirloom to be passed on

  • Meaningful to the owner, faith is a personal connection

  • Every cross can be picked up and held

For more information on why we use the wood we do, why we incorporate handcrafted copper, and other materials and our process see our other sections.


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