The heart of every Believe Cross® is a high quality, hand selected piece of wood.

Every piece of woods we select is beautiful in its own way. We take great joy and pride in bringing the unique beauty out of each piece we select. All of the wood and materials we use are sustainably sourced American grown woods. We highlight two of our favorite woods we work with below

Slab Storage

Premium Redwood Heartwood

Claro Walnut

redwood stack

The best choice for our outdoor crosses, redwood ages beautifully. The natural insecticide in redwood and rot-resistant properties ensure our outdoor crosses will withstand the elements.

The large grains of redwood and its rich red color combine for a one-of-a-kind look from a one of a kind tree. All redwood we use, like our other woods, is sustainably sourced.  We believe the grandeur of this wood parallels the grandeur of the tree itself.

We are lucky to work with our favorite hardwood on Earth, we are continually amazed by the renowned beauty of claro walnut. It’s often stunning figure is accompanied by lighter pale brown to a dark chocolate brown with red, purple, and silver undertones.

It is a very rare Californian hardwood, found only in select areas of the bay area of northern California, sustainably sourced from dead or dying trees. Traditionally, claro walnut has been used for fine custom furniture, musical instruments, and premium gunstocks.

There's something fantastic about blending multiple mediums, allowing them work together in harmony

While we mainly work with wood, we love challenge and beauty that comes with the combination of wood and other mediums. You will finder high grade copper, leather, rocks, and gems in our work as well. We are always eager to experiment and are continuing to expand our breadth of materials and craftsmanship. Our crosses use the best assembly and finishing materials discovered through our years of trial and error.

Copper and Leather


Copper and Leather

Many of our works incorporate high grade copper. Its workability and beauty begs us to incorporate it in many aspects of our crosses and holders. It can be both structural and decorative, beautiful in both its natural state or with patina. From nails and rivets to supporting the cross itself, copper finds itself in many crosses.  Soft yet functional leather finds its way into our work as well.

To protect the crosses and bring out the color and grain in the materials we work with, we use our own blend of specially selected finishes.