This collection allows us to express our creativity and skill in cross design… and we are confident you will like the results. With many themes and styles, each Believe Cross® designed for indoor use is completely custom and has its own character. The cross comes as a set with a holder specifically created for that cross, with the holder being as much a piece of art as the cross itself. Our indoor crosses are artistic, elegant, and bold eye-catchers – focal points of any room. We specifically handcraft and create this collection as heirlooms to represent you and show your faith and to be passed down for generations.  

We have designed every cross with the intent be held and touched! On every indoor piece, the cross itself is removable. We have seen and felt the difference between seeing a cross and holding it in your hands. By designing a cross that is removable, each cross is meant to be taken off, handed around, and shared with family, friends, and visitors.

In all of our crosses, the essence of beauty of the cross starts with the beautiful grains found in the types of wood we select. Our indoor crosses are made almost entirely from select high-grade hardwoods. Each piece of wood is hand-selected, cut, and specifically purposed for that individual cross by the artisan. Every cross has a specific hand rub finish, bringing out the beauty in the wood and the grains all while being completely safe to handle. We also like to integrate the natural shape of woods collected in nature, as well as rocks and smithed solid copper into our indoor crosses to create distinctly unique and tasteful treasures.